SE-CHAIN is an open EVM protocol with dApp toolset for Web 3.0 solutions, built with the Avalanche-Go implementation and prone to scarcity drives. $STAV rides on community wheels. Anyone can MINT $STAV in to circulation...

Protocol Details

Staava Protocol

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STAV / 18

→ Symbol/Decimal: ←

Coming Soon

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→ Genesis Mint ←
→ 6 Months (HEDGEY)🔐 ←
→ Dev Supply (7yrs🔐) ←
→ circulating on C-Chain ←

Staava EVM Chain

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Coming Soon

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→ STAAV Contract (C-Chain) ←

SEC20 Tokens, What are they?

→ Tokens on the Staava EVM Chain are called SEC20 or Subnet Tokens. SEC20s are ERC20 standard contract with 100% EVM compatibility & anyone can deploy. ←

Supported Wallets

We recommend any of these wallet providers:
Bitget, SafePal, TrustWallet, Metamask...

How To Buy/Sell

on Dexcentralize Exchange

Create Or Import A Wallet:

The safest DEX to buy $STAAV (Staava Protocol) is on TRADERJOEXYZ.COM!... You do so by selecting a trusted non-custodian wallet. Go ahead and create or Import a wallet of Choice (We recommend BITGET WALLET).

Fund Your Wallet:

Fund your wallet with $AVAX or USDT and We recommend BITGET WALLET!... for easy swap between others and staava.


TRADERJOEXYZ.COM as the most popular DEX on the Avalanche blockchain is integrated to BITGET WALLET..., so it make it easy for easyswap.


Our Team plans to list $STAAV on XEGG EXCHANGE and other centralized exchanges after we go MAINNET.

How To Mint $STAV

Anyone can Mint $STAV coins. Determine outcome with calculator.


Driving ➝ Valued Scarcity...


PHASE ZERO - Conception (Q2, '21)
Brainstorming, Idea Sampling & Testing, COY Registration (BFI FARMS LTD) & Team Development.
First MVP Dapp Release (Q3, '22)
MVP product for Staking of Custom Tokens dApp (Beta Testing) on Waves Network 90%
PHASE ONE: Rebranding to STAAVA Protocol & Migration (Q3-Q4, '23)
Launch of $FAAM on Avalanche C-Chain and $STAAV to FUJI Testnet
Fishfarm RWA (FAAM) On AVAX C-Chain
Migrate/Swap of XFP to Fishfarm RWA (FAAM) To Avalanche C-Chain
Early-Bird Campaign {Q1, '24}
A chance to share Airdrop campaign.
ILO - Initial liquidity Offering {Q1, '24}
Sales of STAAVA Coins: 3,263,040 $STAAV
Launch of Staava EVM Mainnet & Interoperability
CEX Listing & DEX Pool {Q1, '24}
listing of $FAAM & $STAAV to CEX & DEXes
Staking Dapp on SE-Chain {Q2, '24}
SEC20 tokens Scarcity Staking DApp...
Scarcity Dapp Release {Q2, '24}
SEC20 tokens Scarcity & STAAVA Minting DApp...
SubNET & C-Chain Interoperability
Growth (Q3, '24)
Anything is Possible, Let create Scarcity APP., NFT & a DEX
CREDIT Dapp Release (Q3, '24)
Access Credit facility with STAAVA Coins...
Expansion of Ecosystem (Q4, '24)
Growth Rally...

{Frequently Asked Q.}

Staava Protocol is an EVM Chain with dApp toolset for Web 3.0 solutions, deployed on the Avalanche-Go implementation. An open blockchain community that facilitates an array of web 3.0 possibilities. Below are featured services (use cases) on it:

#1. Custom Tokenization of SEC20 Tokens.
#2. Built-in Scarcity Utility for SEC20s.
#3. Smart Contracts for DeFi Purposes (e.g. staking, credits, nft, games etc.).
#4. STAAVA is the Gas-Fee for the Ecosystem.

The Genesis Mint is the first block or initially programmed supply of STAAVA EVM blockchain.
First Block: 17,200,000 STAAV

Only a limited supply of  6,880,000 $STAAV is allocated for sales in the ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering).
Round 1: 2,000,000 $STAAV @ 0.0025 AVAX
Round 2: 1,263,040 $STAAV @ 0.005 AVAX
All unsold Supply is added to EDF reserve…

Afterwards, anyone can get $STAAV tokens via these methods:
By Scarcity Mint: Anyone who deploys the Burn-Lock function (BLf) for VsTs (Verified Scarcity Tokens), can mint STAAVA coins via a dApp service.

#2. By Exchange: STAAVA will be routed to trade on DEXes like TRADERJOE and also listed on XEGGEX to begin with.

#3. By Node Validation: This function is open to validators (only) on the subnet, who contribute to network security and other governance measures.

#4. By Governance Release: This is the least means to get STAAVA. When a governance poll is successful, voters and validators shares reward from the governance poll.. ONLY 10,000 $STAAV can be minted yearly via governance Poll to community. A Governance Proposal is required via the Consensus of $FAAM tokens.

SEC20 Tokens (aka Subnet Tokens {SnT}): These are standard ERC20 tokens deployed on the Staava EVM Chain by businesses or partners or individuals on the protocol and verified. Below are verified Ecosystem SnTs.
➝ Fishfarm RWA (FAAM) – Protocol for RWA (Real World Asset.)
➝ Subnet Qnode (XQN) – Algorithmic Asset of Qnode Blockchain
➝ Subnet AVAX (snAVAX) – AVAX coin bridged to Subnet.
➝ Black Tether (USBT) – Ecosystem Stable Coin backed by $STAAV & $XQN.

➝ The Burn-lock function (BLf) of SEC20 Tokens means the burn of 25% VsTs and lock of 75%  of the same via smart contract to mint STAAVA coins (this feature is adjustable depending on tokenomics and nature of contract).
➝ Only Verified ecosystem SN-tokens can be eligible via governance vote.

▪️ In an instance, after a scarcity contract is deployed on dApp, 25% of VsT-token is instantly burnt, while 75% is locked for certain Scarcity Period (Ppy Entry eg. 15 Days). The user awaits until Scarcity factor begins to count down.

▪️ By this, Collateral VsT is being unlocked and gradually released when user burns assigned PL-Units, intermittently or in collative manner.

▪️ C-VsT: These are SEC20 Assets tagged as Verified Scarcity Tokens.
Eg: Fishfarm RWA ($FAAM)

MF = {(Dt*Mr)/SPpy}*{ Cvst}
Dt – Daily Timestamp = 86,400,000 Ms/Day
Mr – Mint Rate = 0.00000001 STAAV
Cvst – Collateral of Vs-Token
SPpy – Scarcity Period Per Year.
Ed– Entry Days = 15 – 90 Days
SPpy for 15 Entry days = {365/15} ≈ 24.333
Sf = Scarcity Factor = 1.5*Ed
➝ Scarcity Factor is the duration of lock and unlocking of collateral (Cvst).
MF ➝ Mint Formula for STAAV
NB: Every mint allocates a deduction of 5% STAAV as Dev-Incent.

▪️ PL-UNIT is a Proof of Lock in-app unit which represents the amount of Vs-token’s collateral (Cvst). PL-Unit is not a token and its burnable only on dApp interaction.
➝ Where, 1 Cvst = 1 PL-Unit.
▪️ SCARCITY FACTOR (Sf) is the total lock and unlocking period.
➝ Where, Sf = 1.5*Ed days.
A total of 75% of Collateral Vs-token (Cvst) is return-able. Its claimable once every 3-7 days (72 – 168 hours) and intermittently during the unlocking period.
▪️ Entry Days (Ed) is the determined locking period in days.

Provided a custom (SEC20) token have a staking framework, similar to dApp frame-work, they can request listing.

APY Range: 14.45% – 39.77% (Adjustable base on custom request)
Locking Periods: 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 Days
Staking Pool Reserve: Can be by Reserve lock or Contract Mint.

  • EDF → Ecosystem Development Fund is the reserve supply allocated to support and promote STAAVA-DAO projects for on-chain developments.
  • Eco. Dev Fund is 17.68% of Genesis Mint: 1,272,960 STAAV
  • 40% (509,184 STAAV) of EDF is allocated for USBT backing reserve and locked in smart contract. This supply is reserved until the release of Black Tether USBT.

Proposed STAAVA DAO Projects & DApp Assets:
#1. Fishfarm RWA – FAAM (Running).
#2. Subnet Qnode – XQN (Running).
#3. Subnet AVAX – snAVAX (Coming Soon).
#4. Black Tether – USBT (Coming Soon).
#5. Project 1CHILD – P1C (Coming Soon)
#6. Rent A Home – RHOME (Coming Soon)

The staava Protocol started as Fishfactory Protocol. We have rebranded as Staava Protocol, and migrated Fishfactory P (XFP) token to a rebrand (Fishfarm RWA) & for multiple blockchain support (AVALANCHE, STAAVA EVM CHAIN) with new web 3.0 use-cases.

During migration, XFP is burnt on WAVES Network and FAAM (Fishfarm RWA) is minted into circulation.
10,000 XFP = 1 FAAM
100,000 XFP = 10 FAAM
Needing Help? Quickly → Contact Support

Anyone can use Staava EVM Chain (ranging from organizations, businesses or individuals).

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